Here you will find the price list for portrait purchases and custom work orders.

Let me take a moment and try to explain exactly what my artistic process is.

This may also help you to better understand the final result of the portrait.

What I try to do with all my subjects is enhance the features to give the BEST image and as close a likeness as possible. I paint from a Surrealist perspective, and I am an impressionistic artist.

My primary characteristics of impressionistic painting includes visible enhanced, smooth brush strokes, with emphasis on light in its continual changing qualities.

My Process is simple, yet complicated and time consuming. First I draw a likeness of the image in the photo and then I work with lights and dark shades of color as close to the image shades as I can possibly get, to create a rendition of the image in the photo.

Then I began the complicated process of giving colors, freely brushed, primacy over lines, mindful to find the likeness, yet I still portray overall visual effects instead of details.

In my view my portraits are not made to be complete true likenesses or else they would not be portraits, they would just be completed copies of the original

My portraits are quality custom products, hand drawn and pixel painted in the medium of fine acrylic, then they are digitally mastered and enlarged to give you, thee highest quality, long lasting finish, that you will have to treasure for years to come.

A portrait order can consist of up to 2 people in the portrait image for the base price, after 2 people-each addition person in the portrait image is $25.00 for each additional person. So if you want 5 people in your portrait add $25.00 x 3 more people- to the base price for your total price.

I only do Large and extra large portrait images. A large portrait image is 25×25 or larger depending on the layout of the image and extra large is 35×35 or larger depending on the layout of the image.

I use 3 frame designs, you choose which frame you want.

Here are the samples of the 3 frames i use.

large portrait image base price= 25×25= $280.00 without a frame….$140.00 deposit and $140.00 at finish

large portrait image base price= 25×25= $425.00 with a frame….$212 deposit and $212 at finish

extra large portrait image base price base price= 35×35= $325.00 without a frame….$162.50 deposit and $162.50 at finish

extra large portrait image base price= 35×35= $525.00 with a frame…$262.50 deposit and $262.50 at finish

I would need a deposit of commitment to start the project and the final payment before delivery.

Final drafts are usually ready for delivery within 35 days or less.


I prefer payment through, but will except checks and or money orders through the mail.

Once we establish your design and once I receive your deposit, I begin work on your project which is guaranteed to be finished and in your hand within 45 days or less, from the day the project begins.

If you would like a custom portrait creation contact me today!

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