Brandy Bottle Art Doll-“Younce”

younce-artdoll_bottle-doll2Another Art Doll–Introducing “Younce”. She is one of many of my Doll Art Creations. This beautiful and elegant altered bottle is handmade and created with a lot of love energy vibration. If you want to get the same powerful energy you receive from my wands you should try my altered bottles. They are really divine. This one is an altered Brandy bottle creation of Doll Art.
My Bottles and Doll art are paper Mache,mixed media clays and varnish base, they are dressed with the highest quality of gems, stones, and materials I can find from around the world, they are also treated with resin so they are made stronger and more durable.
She is a part of my Doll Art-ART DOLL collection in altered bottles. She was created with paper Mache and then covered with paper clay. We took care and hand set every detail of her design. She is very Victorian and every piece of her clothing was hand created by The Goddess Tara. There are no sewed parts, there are no seams as every part is hot glued together with very strong industrial bonding glue, then covered with beads. She can be used as an ear ring holder also. However she is stunning to just have sitting around your house, maybe on the bedroom dresser or an office table. She fits in anywhere and she is very Victorian and elegant so she will always be on her best behavior. lol.
Everything is energy and Just like my wands these beautiful elegant altered Doll Art bottles are infused with universal grid energy. I have invoked the Goddess to help me create these beautiful and most powerful Doll Art Bottles. They can be used for anything from opening money portals, healing, activating grids, meditation, channeling, working with ET family and friends, accessing past lives and so much more.

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