Seven Keys to Success on life’s Journey


These are the seven steps that have helped me to find great success in every area of my life. I hope they will help you as well.

1. Always Listen More than you Talk

Many times we hold conversations waiting for our turn to talk and not really listening to what the other person is really saying. This blocks the exchange of energy. So take time to listen more and then consider what needs to be said in return.

2. Slow down- Never be in a hurry.

Rushing always brings Anxiety. Don’t rush your life process. Live in the moment. Enjoy every moment and be present and aware of your surroundings.

3. Plan Ahead

Walk through how you want thing to go. Imagine it in your head.
Live through it before you live through it. I do this before I go out to the store. I imagine a nice parking space and I set the mood for my time out.

4. Always Put Yourself in the other person’s position before you Judge.

Not what would Jesus do…What would YOU do. If it was you, How would you handle the same situation? Ask yourself am I any better than this person and you will see you ARE this person or you have been at one time or another. So use your compassion, your mercy and your forgiveness when dealing with others. For we are one. We are connected. We are the change that we want to see in the world. So be the change that you want to create in your environment. If you want your children to be respectful you must respect that they are a spiritual being in a body just as you are. You must understand that we have all been conditioned with the matrix human conditioning from the time we were first born. We are told to suppress and hide who we truly are and become a part of the cookie cutter programming. We are traumatized and brain washing by the very people we in-trust our-self to, starting with out parents and their parents before them. And there is no one to blame but ourselves if we do not change the programming of this planet. As we move more fully into the new earth vibration we are indeed changing the energy vibrations of this planet to more of self love and appreciation for self. Then we can truly know how to give love to the world at large. True unconditional love is not bowing down and bending over, it is a joyous affair where you can love your fellow man and what an awesome world this is heading into the age of Aquarius and a world where everyone uses their own psychic abilities for the betterment of all. And with this thought in mind number 4 leads us right into step 5.

5. Don’t EVER Judge Anyone–Observe everything.

The world is your mirror. Observe and learn from everything and everyone. All are your teachers and your students. Take what you can use and leave the rest. Be water. flow and learn. It is the ying and the yang— the give and the take that make up this life experience…
This is why it is so important to be your truest self. If you are patterning yourself just like someone else, how can you be the mirror that you came to be? How can you share the gifts that you have if you are just following the cookie cutter matrix mold….

6. Never take without giving.

Energy always requires an exchange. My dear sweet mother taught me that. Always pay it forward. Pass the good energy around and share what you learn with others.

7. Know when to let go…. and higher you will go.

Life is change and evolution. You must evolve in order to grow into your truest version. Life is always a living and death experience. We die and become reborn daily. The sleeping and the waking up happens daily. Yearly, and forever more. You will always have to die to the older version of your self in order to get to the newer version of yourself. You can not remain the same and expect to progress higher in your journey. Know when to let go of the past and always look forward to the future. Always look forward. Don’t worry about leaving others behind, If they are meant to be in your life they will remain after you transition into a higher version of yourself. If they are not meant, they will simply disappear from your circle of life. This is neither good or bad, it is indeed the process of evolution. Embrace your times of death and rebirth. If you are an enlightened being, knowing your self from within. An awake being…Then it is critical to your very existence that you honor your seasons of life and death. During your times of death, there is a going down, a silence, a disappearing act. You go into solitude and listen to your higher beings. You bond with the womb of your soul. You transform just like a caterpillar. And when you are reborn you become the butterfly once again.

So this is my last video for a while. I am in a deep transition in my life and I will come back at some point as I always do. In this video i would like to share with you 7 steps that have helped me to success in my life. I hope something I share can also help you. At the end of this video I also show you how I make my art dolls-altered bottles that I sale on my Esty store. You can check out my website at for more pictures and updates. Thanks for watching..One vibration..Love you so much my loves. Inlakesh!

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