All Dressed up and No “head” to go.

all-dressed-up-and-no-head-to-goaSo for the past few days I have been working tirelessly on my first ball jointed doll. I wanted to created a doll that can move and such like. i also wanted to use recycled materials to build her. And today I finally finished her…well all except the head…That means I have to do some sculpting…Omg i am NOT good at sculpting yet, so I always save it for last. lol..

So now she is all dressed up and ready to go..but she ain’t got no head. lol..So right now she has no name. I will feel the name when the head is on and the hair is done. lol/ Just wanted to share my very first ball jointed paper mache doll with you. Her dress is made from a magazine.
all dressed up and no head to go2
I did sculpt her shoes and then I went straight for the fun stuff…creating her design and clothing. Anyhoo…I will post her again once she has a head and a name. lol.. thanks for reading me…Love you so much…Goddess tara..nother sharonart production©
all dressed up and no head to go3



So I stayed up until i finished her cause that’s just the way i roll. lol I can’t go to bed until the creation is done.l.. Now i am so sleepy and i am going to take a long sleep tonight lol, but first I would like to introduce “cindy”. My first ball jointed doll. If you don’t know what that means do a google search and you will see it’s a lot of hard work lol..But i have a great love for doll making.
She is very strong and another version of my own aura,. She Just came forth in her own way.. so she is all that lol.Hope you like her as much as i do. Everything about her is made with recycled materials..her hair is construction paper… Thanks again for taking the time to read me. much love..The Goddess tara..Good night and much love to you all.

cindy8cindy9cindy10ball jointed doll

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