A New Adventure in doll making

So I have started this great new adventure into doll making and i am finding that it is the most relaxing thing I have ever done for myself. Not only am i able to create little beautiful creatures, but it also gives me a sense of peace and my place in the world. I feel like i always want to leave something behind when i am gone from this planet and these dolls give me that.

I can not tell you how rewarding making dolls has become for me. I use to be one of those people who thought making dolls was a waste of time…lol…yeah that was me. Now it is my life. i wake up with new ideas everyday. However the work of making dolls and sculpting faces, hands and feet is very time consuming. But i love it. Sorry if i don’t get a chance to hit you up, I love you I just don’t have much time for anything but creating these days. Remember the three cards i pulled for myself a month after my dogs died? Solitude-Harmony_full creation.  I am actually living them all right now. Mostly harmony and creation.

Here is what i am working on now…I never know where they will end up but this is what I got right now..No name for her as of yet…I am experimenting with paper clay and epoxy clay this time.

I love the dressing and hair parts the best. I still have a lot to learn with sculpting..

Prince is always talking to me- giving his imput too lol..

so it’s a great adventure. lol

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