In the workshop of Doll land

“Just Wait N..My Turn…”.JUSTINE"Just Wait N..My Turn...".JUSTINE

Soooooooo….This is a free fall night. I have jumped off another cliff into the land of the dolls. and i know the enlightenment stuff is over for a while…. all you will hear from me is dolls eyes, hand, feet,asses, tits, lol..yes that’s it. I am deep in the land of the dolls.And i love it here!! they inner-stand me so well lmao…much love always to you all..go do you, cause i am gonna do me!!! lol..Inlakesh my loves…n the workshop with this one right now…

when i go to bed at night i dream of the next doll that wants to be created..I should just keep that to myself cause you….already think…wtf..ever…so Yea…And i am trying to work on my weak spots. i hate creating the face..(smiles) sculpting the face…fuck it’s hard lol..

Just a thought…My channels tutor me when I’m sculpting….it’s cool as fuck lmao…

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2 thoughts on “In the workshop of Doll land

  1. elainecarter

    awesome work goddess (:Iluvu:)

  2. briddeen

    That is so sweet, she looks like she is ready to get finished lol. (:luv:)

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