Introducing Lacy Monique.

Lacy Monique-ArtdollIntroducing Lacy Monique- She is a ball jointed doll put together with wire joints. Lacy Monique is a mixed medium of polymer clay, paper mache and paper clay. She is completely hand made by The Goddess Tara and sharonart production. Her hair is mohair and wool mix. Her clothing is hand stitched sequin and lace mix with wool. She stands 12 inches tall. She carrying an energy field of pure love and healing. She can be used as a spirit doll, a relaxing source of energy and so muchmore. Hair and clothing are set on her permanently they can not be removed. This is an artdoll created for display in your display case, on a dresser or a doll collection shelf. This doll is not meant to be handled or played with by children. Keep her away from direct sunlight and dust.
Lacy Monique2-artdoll
Lacy Monique comes with her own stand and in a sharonart authentic box with certificate declaring she was handmade by The Goddess Tara and Sharonart production. As soon as she is fitted and finished with hairdo, hands and footwear,she will sale in my Etsy Store or through my website by reserve, for $75.00 and be shipped USPS.
Lacy Monique3-artdoll
If you would like to purchase her please check her out in my Etsy store Soon. Reserve orders can layaway with $37.50 down deposit to reserve and the final 37.50 within 30 days from the date of deposit.
Lacy Monique4-artdoll
If you would like to reserve purchase Lacy Monique you can contact me through my website at

(Please be sure..We do not except cancellations. All sales are Final.)

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