Inside the Box

I love creating, therefore my artdolls are not complete without a box to travel in. So each one of my dolls have their own unique Box to travel in.
This is her box

Each box gets just as much attention as my artdolls. I feel like I really need to put my brand on every area of the artdoll, because she is indeed my art. Therefore her box must be as unique as she is.

And i also like to recycle so the box can become whatever you want it to be once you take the doll out.

This is inside the box….I feel like the doll needs to have a very comfortable journey, so I will make little beds like feather pilliows for them to lay on. She is just showing you the basic doll in box right now. lol

But even that can be a wonderful adventure from the right viewpoint.

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5 thoughts on “Inside the Box

  1. donnabridges

    The doll is beautiful and the box is simply stunning. I would get her just for the box. lol (:okay:) (:fun:) (:kk:)

  2. tomasflent

    great work! (:a:)

  3. briddeen

    amazing and very beautiful work indeed (:luv2:)

  4. jennydayc

    simply stunning (:luv:)

  5. elainecarter

    oh wow, can it get any better, love your talents. awesome! (:loveit2:)

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