Friday is “Doll Boxes Day”

So someone asked me how do i get all this stuff done. I have a method to my madness. I use a daily system…It kinda runs like a train on a track. Each day of the week I work on a specific thing. For example today is Doll Boxes Day…that means i make doll boxes on every Friday. I make at least one doll box every friday. So box for today…
I also work on other things each day, but i make a point of creating certain things on certain days, I love the way this turned out.
It is important to me to make sure I give these little creations the energy they deserve. They make for such good little keepsakes..I think anyways..(smiles)

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2 thoughts on “Friday is “Doll Boxes Day”

  1. Santana

    (:ty:) (:luv:)

  2. vincentthomas

    very creative indeed (:iagree:)

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