The Workshop diary-volume1

So i decided to start writing these little workshop snapshot diaries. And this will kinda let you know where i am and what i am doing at any given time. Right now I am working on a Victorian series. That is mostly what my dolls will be in the spirit of right now. The Victorian and 18th century series. After that i will probably go to other areas of creating, but each time i have a theme. I feel this Victorian muse right now so I’m going with it. Working on what i call The Family portrait. So it kinda started out like this…

I decided to work on the men first. I wanted to really get the feel for the men of the 18th century. I also wanted to put my own energy ideas into the mix. I could imagine being in that past life of 18th century world around me as i was creating. Listening to music and attending dinner parties. These dolls came forth in that spirit.

I wanted the little girl to be kinda of pretty, Gothic, and such, but very Victorian. She seems to be alone among her brothers, the father more focused on the mother than her. But at the same time she is very content in her own being because she comes from a very strong family background. Therefore she actually rules her house by being the only girl. Her beloved father gives her the desires of her heart, and he mother teaches her to have great confidence and self love. Where in she finds her liberation of self. Hinze Being Gothic in the 18th century. lol
And that is where i the workshop diary…
I will work on the mother tomorrow and I guess that will be in The workshop diary-Volume two. lol…
Oh by the way..all this is a channeled message. All my art-dolls are channeled messages.

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