Introducing “Cali-Kali” _artdoll gift.

To me Onshay Monique is her own Kali, she is powerful, feminine and a force of nature. This doll has all her aspects within it. “Cali-Kali” carries the star of success, the heart of love and the sword of the warrior queen. In her second hand she holds the balls of balance and a flying hot air balloon of fun and just kicking it. lol.. Her third hand holds the diamond of a bow and the hanging ruby of prosperity. She is the goddess who can handle many things and carries life with all her hands. Her arms work in harmony, her crown shines brightly with 6 hanging swords therefore she is never without her weapons of winning, and her beauty radiates all she meets. In her forth hands she holds another sword of success, the coin of abundance and a gold ball hangs to represent her wealth. The realness comes through in her first hands where she carries the wisdom of the owl and she aint no joke she holds the head of those who try to defeat her. She is indeed a powerful being and a blessing to all who can learn from her and enjoy her energy field.

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