Diamond Butterfly-Artdoll

Diamond Butterfly-ARTDOLL
I am Diamond Butterfly spirit doll, I communicate on behalf of the fairy kingdom. I extend my energy to you now and create a loving environment where ever you hang me….

Introducing “Diamond Butterfly”. ARTDOLL. She is a part of my new artdoll collection. She is created with Polymer clay, paper mache and paper clay.
Omg she is such a cutie, and her energy vibration is so strong, she amplifies any room she is in! Her hair is synthetic , wool blend with mohair.Polymer clay-Paper clay and paper mache art medium. Hand made, hand crafted, hand created.
She is a spirit doll, guiding one with love and abundance. She carries the energy of abundance, confidence and royalty, and she is royalty from the diamonds braided into her hair right down to her cute little diamond shoes. She can help set the mindset of abundance, confidence and prosperity to any area of your life. She is also a higher chakra doll, meaning she can be used during meditations of the heart, throat and crown chakra.,

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