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If anything I offer on my webasite has served you in any way please feel free to leave a Testimonial Reviews! I would love to hear from you.

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Thank you so much I truly resonate with all of this. I know we all have guides I would like to know how many I have and who they are if possible. This reading you gifted me with will help me tremendously I can’t thank you enough.


Thanks for you spend your priceless time on my reading and i am very glad with my reading thank you very much


I have had some people read me before but it was nothing at all like this experience. The way you set up the alter for my reading with things that related to me. wow! You had no way of knowing any of the things you shared so I know you were seeing into my AKASHIC RECORD. tHANK yOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO sHARON

Terecia Flawson

My dear sista Sharon I have been doing so much of the things you discussed and called into being for me. The reading was awesome and yes I have began to step into my truest self. Thank YOU!

Josender Kelp

Dear Lady, Goddess Tara, you seem to have a great talent, well many actually. I have been surfing your website for a few days and I am in total awe of all you- have to say, and your artwork in general. I would like to get to know you better I purchased a wand from your store and it is very full of energy. .I know this is a very forward message, but I am 57 years of age and I don’t tend to beat a bush when I see something amazing. I don’t want to join your site just to be near you. I will eventually join to keep up with your articles. But just wanted you to know I think you are the ultimate idea of what we should be on this earth and in this time. I am awake but still learning. I have been trying to contact Prince also and that is how I came across your video and your website. I hope my message does not alarm you. I am a real person. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that what you do touches a lot of people, especially myself. Love and great respect heart . JP.

Jerry Peterson

Thank you Sharon for all you do. Your insight is spot on.

Heather McDaniels

Dear Artavial, Thank you so much for this reading. I will definitely get a Complete Reading asap! I was inspired by your interpretation. I am a Healer, and that is what I love to do. I feel that this was totally right on, and I am looking forward to really connecting with my angelic realm and coming into full fruition of my purpose in life. Thanks again.

Claire Kendall Carpenter

Thank you so much Queen. I am blessed to have met you in this life,as you have truly helped me. Because of who you are and what you do I honor you. You are an inspiration.much love.


I love your artwork and your poetry it speaks to me. Very helpful information on your website and I bought one of your altered jars, not only is it very beautiful it is filled with great energy as well. I use it on my angel alter to hold my crystals and they seem to gather even more energy from it. Thank you.

Jasmine Price

I purchased 2 of your designer t-shirts. I love your art. I was a bit skeptical about ordering thinking the t-shirt might not be as good as the original art. However i was amazed to find that your t-shirts are awesomely beautiful! The artwork on the t-shirt is brilliantly vibrant. I am very pleased with my order. Thank You!

Catherine Johnson Hall

Dear Goddess Tara I have been watching your videos and I too am in the Prince Gate I have a great connection to him and his master energy also. I purchased one of your wands to help me with better et contacts and the energy is quite amazing to say the least. You are truly a blessing to planet earth. Thank You.


You ability to see the energy is amazing. Thank You and Bless you mother Tara.

Pamela Frame

Dear Goddess Tara, I could not be more happy with my doll, she is amazing. I love all the details you put into your craft. It is a beautiful handcrafted gift. I love it!


Ms. Goddess. Although I can tell no one in my life, you have helped me to break out of my programming of the matrix. You read me in clear steps that were true to who I am inside. You saw all my negative points and helped me to find the courage to change them for a happier life. You seem to keep a kind of low profile. I watched all your videos and you are so on point in your ideas. Anyone who has the pleasure of knowing you are truly blessing themselves and elevating their own life and thinking. Must gratitude to you dear.

Johnathan Watts

wow!! Thank You So Much Sharon<3 I Loved My Reading! You Were Spot On. You Are Such A Sweet, Beautiful Lady <3 I Love You My Friend. xoxo

Sharon Power

You have empowered me to move with confidence. Your ability to see into the situations of others is awesome and I resonate with all you said in my reading. thank you

David Peterson

I got my money wand and the money spell about 3 days ago. I did the spell and meditated with the wand the next day also. Within another day I had received an unexpected check in the mail. I feel like my money and wealth has been unblocked and is flowing to me now! Thank you so much!

Cathy Isbar

Your insight is right on point. You saw the very things I needed to focus on and it has changed my life thank you for this wonderful reading.

Jayna Nile

It is just so heartwarming to hear you share your connection with Prince. I, too, have been honored to channel him and I can lend absolute credence to your experiences with him. It's been so loving and supportive and I am truly honored to be amongst those of us whom have this calling to connect.

What hit me the most profoundly was when he spoke of us becoming the "anchors". Yes, that is what he has shared with me; there are a certain group of us that are being called to do exactly as you shared. Prince has a great sense of humor; he refers to us as "Soul Team Six". He is quick and quite witty! He made me laugh out loud...a brilliant take on the US Navy's "Seal Team Six".

I am so very thankful for sharing and showing us again how the Universe works in perfect precision. As a theoretical physicist, I can speak from empirical evidenciary research that what we experience as intuitives, mediums, psychics, is forming the basis of a new conceptual understanding of the field of applied physics. I hope to share more with you all soon.

I hope you enjoyed Prince's humor as much as I did!

With Love,


The Book of Shadows is amazing. Thanks for all this energy Goddess tara.

Gavin Procy

OMG I was told how powerful your reading are but to experience it for myself it was amazing. The beautiful alter and crystals you gave me have been a blessing. Everything you said was right on the money for sure. Thank you sweet lady Sharon

Monique Madison

Dear Goddess Tara, I had to write and tell you that I received one of your wands in the mail. I waited patiently so I could try it out. It came really fast shipping too.I had watched your video about your encounters with Prince in spirit and I too have felt a need to contact him. Well the energy of your wand has helped to make that possible for me. I am so grateful. Thank you for everything you share. I know it can not be easy living out of the matrix when so many are still in the box of it. You have helped me to grow and I am eternally grateful. I am a wiccan living around so many who are still asleep. So I know the road is one for the strong and not the weak. Again thanks so much. Alica in Texas..

Alica Detango

Sharon I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all you do. The interesting thing about meeting you is that I resonated with everything you told me so clearly. I like the way you outline everything and gave me a complete blueprint that I can use anytime I need it. You are a true gift to this planet. Thank you Thank you so much.

Renee Brown

You made my purchase turn out wonderful. I appreciate all your effort. The new wand is amazing and very powerful. I feeling the healing light through it everyday. Will cherish it for life. Thank You.


Sharon Thank you for the wonderful reading. The points you made about my job and career have really given me a new outlook on my situation. Everything you said was really on point. Thanks again.

Janice Faston

We got your wand and it was full of good energy, so strong in every way. And very beautiful. We have obtained much enlightenment with your tool. Thanks. to the Goddess tara.


Hi Sharon, thank you so much for spending your time on my Akashic Reading. You did great, and this resonates a lot with me, and very simple for me to understand. I’m sorry I messed out on asking the four questions. That’s what I get for moving so fast…LOL! I’m more than satisfied with my reading. I’m going to get another reading from you soon, time is of the essence now. Continue on being a very Blessed Soul and helping Us on Our Journeys. I will be close to you in spirit. Love, Light and Peace. Namaste!


The truth of the matter is that I had no idea how to move forward in my life until after this reading and I know it was suppose to happen when it did with you. Thank You for all you do. What an awesome gift you have.

Reann Grayson

The money wand and spell really works to advance my prosperity and the flow of energy towards me. Thanks for taking the time to email me back and for all you do Good witch Goddess Tara.

Jake Farson

Oh my Goodness Ms. Sharon, Goddess Tara. Your work is absolutely amazing. I was really unsure about getting the box organizer-handmade and all. But it is simply amazing. Sits on my dresser and gets a lot of attention from friends and family. Thank You for sharing your talent.


Dear Goddess Tara/Sharon, you have given me a lot to work with. I was broken and unsure when I came to you. I left our session of contact with a sense of renewal in my soul, as well as hope for my future. Your reading of my record was surprisingly on point and very insightful. The card reading was also most helpful to my continual journey of finding my truest self. Thank You. And Bless You.

Alen McArther

Hello Goddess. I just wanted to say thank you so much for my beautiful doll. She is the talk of everyone who visits my home. I love her so much. The energy you gave her is profound. She is a blessing. I adore your talent and your being of who you are. Namaste. Terry.

Terry Advantage

Your ability to see inside one's soul is profound. I am truly grateful to have come to know your powers. Thanks

Kristal Yashe

Coming to your home is an event within itself. The alters, the crystals, the hanging dream catchers, all the spirits and energies that are there when you read me is so powerful. I have never been more clear on my direction than when I left my reading with you. You are awesome and I appreciate all you said for me it works!

Eliz Ann Flash

Hello Dear Goddess. I just wanted to say thank you for all that you share. I got my wand in the mail a few days ago and I have been using it in meditation and also learning to hear from my spirit guides. I feel like a new person with all this knowledge that you have given me. Loving myself and accomplishing my goals. Thank You blessed be.

Kelly Downs

Hi Sharon/Goddess Tara as soon as I saw your videos I knew we were soul family. Your energy and enthusiasm is totally uplifting, informative and contagious! Having a reading with you was confirmation that something great was on its way to me. I feel so very empowered after all that you have shown me. Thank you and great peace to you.

Kathy Brighten

Thanks so much for your help and clarity with this reading.


Just coming to your home was a blessing for me. All that wonderful energy in there. Then the reading took me over the top. Your insight is priceless, thanks so much for it all. And the crystals you gave me are invaluable for me everyday in every way.


My wand is a beautiful and awesome creation. I have not seen any like it around the web. You are very unique. Thank You.


I received my wand in the mail and when I opened it I could immediately feel the energy of it. I have connected with some star beings by using it. The energy is awesome. Thanks so much!


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