My SharonArt lovers Junk Journal

My SharonArt lovers Junk Journal is a handmade book created with cardboard, chipboard and scrapbook papers. It is a custom order and will take up to 2 weeks to create. This book is very powerful as I fill it with creative energy crystals and other charms and stones as needed. If you would like your name or initials added to the journal please let us know in the notes of your order. All orders must be paid in full before creation begins.check out the video about this product on my youtube at
This little booklet has one very active page with over 10 pockets and tags. This is a keepsake of my favorite SharonArt. I pick the energy.
My SharonArt lovers Junk Journal is a very powerful junk journal like none other. I set intentions for the book and did several rituals in that vein for the prosperity, health and happiness energy to flow through the My SharonArt lovers Junk Journal to the person who purchase it. Again this book is very powerful. This is just a general Idea of what it will be. Every bopok is original. Let me surprise you!~

Every page is created with a certain idea in mind and with a certain energy to help you activate that intention. Program your book by spending time with it and using it.
When you got your SharonArt lovers Junk Journal you should first of all hold the book in hand and set an intention for the book as to what you plan to use it for. Then go through the book and put your mark on it, by initials and drawings and writing in it. Use every page and write on everything in this book to spread your energy- your inner chi throughout the book.Purchase yours in the elegant tools store here—