Introducing Antoinette N Blue-Artdoll

Back in the days when Hair was large and clothing were larger, those who had money and royality wore everything even the kitchen sink if they had one to show off. This doll was created in that spirit.
Introducing Antoinette N Blue. ARTDOLL. She is a part of my new artdoll collection. She is created with Polymer clay, paper mache and paper clay. Her hair is synthetic wool blend with mohair. Her dress is created using a velvet blue soft fabric and trimmed with gold taffeta, beads, gems and silver bows. Her stockings and corset are created with a soft silky blue and gold fabric i picked up when i was traveling in Hatti. Antoinette N Blue is 14 inches including her stand. She is 12 and a half inches without the stand. She comes in her own unique box which i am still working on. All my dolls are delivered in their own box with certificate of authenticity. All rights to display and export images remains with me the owner of this creation. Artdolls are for display, they are not meant for children. They are delicate and require a gentle touch.

In the workshop with wire

So Im at it again, In the workshop with wire beginnings.These dolls seem to be calling me to creation. lol..I know that sounds weird but other doll makers know what i mean lol. I will update this post as she comes along.artdoll-in the workshop-sharonart
In the workshop-sharonart-artdolls
artdolls by Goddess tara-sharonart
When finished…She will be available for purchase for $75.00 us Dollars.
So we got the hair in now. They always look like they smile more once the hair goes in. lol I know i been dringing the doll koolaid lol
putting in the hair1-artdollputting in the hair2-artdoll

artdoll-sharonart-goddess tara
Omg Guys sorry this one has already sold!
She is not even finished yet she is reserved to a new home.
TheJoJo doll-artdoll1
Finished Jojo doll-artdoll
jojo artdol-back-artdoll

In the workshop of Doll land

“Just Wait N..My Turn…”.JUSTINE"Just Wait N..My Turn...".JUSTINE

Soooooooo….This is a free fall night. I have jumped off another cliff into the land of the dolls. and i know the enlightenment stuff is over for a while…. all you will hear from me is dolls eyes, hand, feet,asses, tits, lol..yes that’s it. I am deep in the land of the dolls.And i love it here!! they inner-stand me so well lmao…much love always to you all..go do you, cause i am gonna do me!!! lol..Inlakesh my loves…n the workshop with this one right now…

when i go to bed at night i dream of the next doll that wants to be created..I should just keep that to myself cause you….already think…wtf..ever…so Yea…And i am trying to work on my weak spots. i hate creating the face..(smiles) sculpting the face…fuck it’s hard lol..

Just a thought…My channels tutor me when I’m sculpting….it’s cool as fuck lmao…

A New Adventure in doll making

So I have started this great new adventure into doll making and i am finding that it is the most relaxing thing I have ever done for myself. Not only am i able to create little beautiful creatures, but it also gives me a sense of peace and my place in the world. I feel like i always want to leave something behind when i am gone from this planet and these dolls give me that.

I can not tell you how rewarding making dolls has become for me. I use to be one of those people who thought making dolls was a waste of time…lol…yeah that was me. Now it is my life. i wake up with new ideas everyday. However the work of making dolls and sculpting faces, hands and feet is very time consuming. But i love it. Sorry if i don’t get a chance to hit you up, I love you I just don’t have much time for anything but creating these days. Remember the three cards i pulled for myself a month after my dogs died? Solitude-Harmony_full creation.  I am actually living them all right now. Mostly harmony and creation.

Here is what i am working on now…I never know where they will end up but this is what I got right now..No name for her as of yet…I am experimenting with paper clay and epoxy clay this time.

I love the dressing and hair parts the best. I still have a lot to learn with sculpting..

Prince is always talking to me- giving his imput too lol..

so it’s a great adventure. lol

Tangled Wire(Doll heads and wire)

art doll
art doll

uPDATE ONE: She tired Im tired so we going to bed she still need hands, some knee caps and a hair do for her pink locks. But over all she is alive and well..Introducing Tangled Wire Tammy..Stay tuned for her finished photo shoot. lol..she is 10 inches..African American…hair is mohair..and wool…clothing are a mix of lace..and crepe paper..with designer gems from my own design collection. She will be available for purchase in my Esty store soon…

Tangled wire Tammy2

Tangled wire Tammy 3
Tangled wire tammy4-ART DOLL

She is happy…she got her knee caps fixed lol

art doll
art doll

And this is the good life…the life of a doll…lol
art doll
art doll

Just chillin….
art doll
art doll


20160925_134823So today i am working on a new doll…”Tangled Wire. I like to mix medias when creation my dolls. They come to life right before my eyes. “Tangled Wire got her name before she will get her hair. I usually wait til the hair is on to feel a name. But I have spent so much time in tangle wire with this one the name seems to fix so. I hope to have her finished sometime this week. I will update this post when she is done and show her progress.